Alimohamed Jaffer

zondag augustus 13, 2023

I heard about this place from a collegue. I was a bit nervous initially when I went to see Dimitri to see if he could help me strengthen my body because I had a spine surgery and so was in recovery. A lot of previous trainers I interviwed were talking big but nothing concrete. So after my first meeting with Dimitri, I immediately knew that he would be the one to transform and strengthen my body in this recovery period. The meeting I had with him was full of positive vibes and he explained to me in leyman terms all the details of the strengthening process for my circumstance.

After 8 months, and still ongoing training with Dimitri, I can gladly say that I can feel a positive difference in my body and can feel the change for the better. Dimitri is a very nice person. Even though I am not Dutch he doesn’t mind speaking English to me. Very accomodative to my needs as I am student so my timetable is somewhat chaotic during exam season. His brother Charmain is also a nice guy as I hear from my colleague that he is always asking how I find the training session and if everything is okay. Both brothers are very hardworking.

Overall, great workout regime, great trainer and explains everything in simple terms, patient and understanding, can’t ask for more. 11 out 10 rating and definitely recommend!!! Thx